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Parking on Market Days

Yungaburra Markets

There is plenty of parking available in Yungaburra, but it does get busy on market day, so here are a few tips that might help.

A Lionesses Parking - $2

You can park directly opposite the Market Grounds for $2 for the entire day. Funds raised by the Lionesses support excellent local projects too. Entry is at the corner of Eacham Road and Fig Street.

Yungaburra Markets

B Disability Parking

A parking bay reserved for disability parking has been established in the lower parking lot.

Yungaburra Markets

Other Areas

Road-side parking is available along the highway, and there is always plenty of parking along Eacham Road between Fig and Maple Streets. Nick's Restuarant has generously provided additional parking on the grassed area between the Chalet Rainforest Gallery and Nick's Restuarant. The parking area is clearly sign posted.

Where Not to Park

There are a few places you cannot park. Don't park where you see the coloured flagging tape strung between the guide posts. The council marks these areas to discourage parking around the main bend in the middle of town. If you park there, you may be ticketed.

Don't park on the grass directly in front of the fire station on Eacham Road. The area is well sign-posted, but on a busy day the signs can be missed.

We also recommend you don't park directly under the big bunya pines along Eacham Road as they do seasonally drop massive (4 kg!) cones.

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July 2017
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