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Listing your Stall on the Yungaburra Markets Website


As a new feature to the website, permanent stall holders can create an account and use it to advertise their stall. Only permanent stall holders can have an account though, so if you only sometimes have a stall at the Yungaburra Markets or don't have a stall at all - please don't sign up for this service.


This service will provide you with the means to -

  • add a brief description and a photo of your stall to the What's There page,
  • advertise specials for the next up coming Yungaburra Market,
  • display after hours contact details to bring in business between markets,
  • the capabilitiy to edit any of these details at any given time.


It is a free service, simply to encourage people who would not normally venture out to the markets to come and join in the fun when they see all these wonderful stalls listed on the website!


To create an account, simply click the link in the top right corner which says "Create one here!" or click here.

After creating your account, follow the prompt that states "Would you like to list your stall? you can do that here" to begin listing your stall. The only requirements there are when listing your stall is that you have entered the name of your stall, a brief description of your stall and the site at which your stall is situated. There are also fields for listing your contact details, adding a picture, adding a special for an up coming Yungaburra Market and tagging your stall under specific categories to make it easier to find on the What's There page, but these are all optional.

Once you have uploaded your stall, you're all set! Now the only thing you need to do is make sure that we always have accurate information about your stall. Stalls are ordered on the What's There page in accordance to how recently they were updated, so if you'd like to keep your stall near the top, it's best to keep the updates coming!

34 days to the next Yungaburra Market.
July 2017
We didn't think anyone read the fine print, but since you are making the effort, just know that we do try to check our facts but even so we aren't always right. This website is operated by Clearwater Software as a free service to the Yungaburra State School P&C. Email corrections or comments to And come along to the markets soon, okay?