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Casual Stallholder Procedures

Last revised: April 2011

The Yungaburra Markets are a popular family day out and have been operating (by volunteers from the local school) since 1977. At present we are fully booked with permanent stallholders (approximately 290). However some cancellations occur each month and can be allocated to casual stallholders.

Given the popularity of our market, there are two casual lists: First, a Permanent Waiting List (PWL) of casual stallholders, who have been attending for some time and have completed a PWL Application form. The first cancellations are offered to these PWL casuals. Secondly, other cancelled sites are allocated in order of date received, from messages left on the Market Phone Number of 4095 2111. Stallholders with fresh produce will be given priority and also consideration as to the variety or uniqueness of the product is at the discretion of the coordinator. We aim for the best quality of stalls and products.

Site Allocation

To apply for a site you should phone early in the month and leave a message, with your contact details and a brief description of the product you wish to sell. The coordinator will call, the week before the market, and advise if a site allocation is possible. There are no guarantees that enough sites will become available to accommodate all on the waiting list. The Permanent Waiting List will be closed off at number 50, as it is presently taking over two years to obtain a permanent site. If a stallholder on the PWL has not attended at a Market for six months, their application will be deleted. Please note that the majority of monthly cancellations are not received until the week prior to the markets, so casual sites cannot be allocated until late during the week of the Markets. Only one phone call to the message bank is necessary to make your booking.

The Coordinator will be on site from 5.30 am on Market mornings and casual stallholders must report to the Information Booth to confirm the location of their allocated site, to avoid setting up in the wrong position. Site markers are numbered towards the Kindy end, so if you are facing east, you will be on the right side of the marker and facing west will be on the left side.

If you do not receive a site allocation by phone, you can turn up on the morning in the event of "no shows'. By 7am market morning any sites not occupied can be allocated to a waiting vendor, at the discretion of the coordinator. If you do receive a stall allocation, you must read the Terms and Conditions and complete a Registration Form. Forms can be downloaded from our website or obtained from the Information Booth at the Market Ground.

Stall Types

There is one type of stall available:

  • Gazebo
    Stallholders need to bring tent & tables. Cost is $5.00 plus $5.00 per metre of frontage with most being $20 for 3m frontage, with some 4 or 5 metre sites available. Some of these sites have car parks available, some do not. All will fit at least a 3m x 3m gazebo style tent. For those stallholders who do not hold their own insurance, there is an additional $5 charge for each site per market.

Parking and Set-up

If parking is not available at your site, you can arrive and unload your vehicle, however it must be moved off the market ground before 7.30 am. The market grounds are one way at the service station end, to exit via Short Street.

As there is a variety of site sizes and, depending on cancellations, casual stallholders must be prepared to take whatever is available. You will not usually be placed near some one with similar wares. There are only limited powered sites available, with an additional fee of $10.00 for electricity. Food and Ice Cream Vans cost $50.00, inclusive.

Food Sellers

Prepared-food sellers must be licenced, although we are presently at our quota of Hot Food vendors


Busking is encouraged by school children, with no fee applicable. Adult buskers must be approved by the coordinator and pay a fee of $10.00. All Buskers must report to the Information Booth and be issued with a registration receipt. There are some restrictions: no obstruction of accesses or walkways and no bagpipes or amplified music allowed. If a stallholder requests that a busker move on, then they must comply. The usual rule is to move along after 15 minutes.

34 days to the next Yungaburra Market.
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